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Emmy Award winning songwriter Trey Bruce has 14 ASCAP Awards and an ACM Song of the Year nominee to his credit, writing and producing over 100 cuts including 8 number one singles.

Jamie Polen Jamie Polen CEO - BUSINESS MANAGER

Jamie is a songwriter and a partner and former A&R manager for Songspace. Before Nashville, he earned his BA from the University of North Carolina and his JD/MBA from Wake Forest University.

Years of music industry success

#1 Singles Written

ACM Song Of The Year Nominations

2014 Nashvillian of the Year

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Artist Development

Some artists know exactly where they want to go and what kind of support they’ll need to get there, while others simply follow the drive to create wherever it may lead.  Whether the goal is topping charts or building a fanbase just large enough to sustain a career, there is no repeatable formula to build a successful artist/manager partnership.  We develop artists who do something special that we think more people will want to hear, then we work hard together to make that happen.

A&R/Project Management

Many record companies no longer invest in artist development like they once did, instead signing the acts that are most ‘ready’ sometimes with less concern for the substance beneath the polish.  Unsigned artists often end up chasing the radio while artists developed by labels with in-house A&R are sometimes steered toward whatever the label needs at any given point in time instead of what’s best for the artist or the project.  We provide artists, labels, and other content creators project-based production support tailored to the specific needs and strengths of the project at hand.

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